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Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Print Thread. As the subject line reads my washer seems to be working ok except when the drain and spin cycle begin. As the water is draining and the tub is spooling up to speed the grinding sound diminishes like there is another part that is either coming up to speed or is stopping. Once the tub is to speed and the water is drained out it spins normally.

I did change the rubber blocks between the motor and transmission some time age but I think it might be in the clutch. The sound is like a loud tapping or clicking sound.

I've removed the outer body to inspect the inner parts. The pump seems to run quietly when I put a screwdriver on it and my ear. It sounds like it's coming from the center below the tub. The clutch drum is spinning. I momentarilly stopped the agitator and the drum while the spin cycle begins but the noise is still there. I'm not sure where to proceed. Hi, Quote: Kenmore Washer Model? Coming in Hi Jeff, The model number is I noticed when I replaced the rubber blocks and cogs that there was some debris on the floor from the old rubber parts.

Now when I inspected it there is no debris below the newly installed parts but there is a faint circle of dark brown or black residue below the center of the tub like some centrifugal force was throwing this debris in a faint circular pattern on the floor.

Also, the clutch is coated in a dark residue. I don't know if this is normal. Are there other ways of determining if the center drive block is bad? Thanks for your prompt reply.Search by Model or by Part number.

IOS fix: this prevents back forward cache. Over In Stock. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Kenmore Diagram 5. More Parts From The Diagram. Popular parts for your Kenmore Product Description Start Capacitor for Kenmore Product Description Timer Knob for Kenmore Product Description Agitator for Kenmore Product Description Touch Up Paint 0.

Genuine product manufactured by Kenmore. Product Description Agitator Washer for Kenmore Used on direct drive washers no belt that use a neutral drain.

Product Description Metal Top for Kenmore This outer tub does not include the tub seal. Product Description Suspension Pads for Kenmore Product Description Motor Coupling for Kenmore Product Description Clutch Band for Kenmore Product Description Auger Agitator for Kenmore Product Description Agitator Cam for Kenmore Product Description Drive Block for Kenmore Product Description Fill Hose 5ft for Kenmore Product Description Drain Hose for Kenmore The washer clutch assembly releases the drive system's brake to allow the basket to spin during the spin cycle.

Not sure if your washer is a direct-drive washer? Top-load washers that use this direct-drive clutch assembly include models made by Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Crosley, Estate and Roper. This video explains how to replace the clutch assembly in a direct-drive top-load washing machine. If your model has a fabric softener dispenser at the top of the agitator, remove the fabric softener dispenser. Move the washer away from the wall so you can reach the fill hoses.

Kenmore Washers

Mark which fill hose goes to the hot connector and which goes to the cold. Using channel-lock pliers, carefully loosen and remove both hoses. Expect some water to pour out. Pull the drain hose out of the standpipe behind the washer. Expect some water to pour out of the drain hose as you remove it. Move the washer far enough from the wall that you can set the washer on its back.

Kenmore 11024862300 washer repair and replacement parts

Lay a large towel behind the washer. Carefully tip the washer backwards onto the towel to access the drive components at the bottom of the washer. Use a slot screwdriver to release the metal mounting clips that secure the drain pump to the front of the drive motor. Pull the drain pump forward to release it from the drive motor shaft. Leave the hoses connected to the drain pump. Release the drive motor wire harness from the plastic retainer clip on the bottom of the transmission housing.

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Carefully pull the transmission with drive motor attached straight out of the bottom of the washer. Set the transmission and drive motor assembly upright on a shop towel to service the clutch assembly. Carefully slide the transmission and motor assembly back into the base of the washer.Whether you're outfitting the laundry room of a new home for the first time or simply want to avoid the weekly trip to the laundromat, an efficient new washer can help save you valuable time and energy.

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From traditional top- and front-loading models to specialized twin-load and portable washing machines, finding the right laundry appliance for your space is easy with the outstanding collection available at Sears. A classic top-load washing machine makes it easy to fill and unload the wash basin before and after the wash cycle. Stackable front-load washers can be easily combined with a matching dryer for space-saving convenience. High-efficiency front-load washing machines also utilize less water, which can lead to savings on your utility bills over time.

Busy moms and dads will appreciate the added versatility of a twin load washer that can be used independently or combined with your existing full-size washer.

For apartment dwellers who may not have access to a dedicated laundry room, a portable washing machine can be quickly and easily hooked up to a compatible faucet, saving you a trip to the laundromat. When you're finished, simply unattach the hose and power cord and store the appliance away in a pantry or closet until it's needed again.

Upgrade your home with a new standalone washer, dryer or washer and dryer bundle from Sears. Skip Navigation Sears home. Kenmore Washers 43 items. Only Refine Your Search clear all Your Selections:. Brand Kenmore. Washer Interior Capacity. Color Family. User Ratings. Minimum Rating. Wash Cycles. Height to Top of Control Panel.

Wash Basket Material. New Arrivals. Page 1. How's your shopping experience on this page? Tackle laundry day with an efficient new washer from Sears Whether you're outfitting the laundry room of a new home for the first time or simply want to avoid the weekly trip to the laundromat, an efficient new washer can help save you valuable time and energy.

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Visit our other sites: Shop Kmart.First off, if the washer agitates okay but does not spin, even though you hear the motor running, you may have a bad lid switch or the lid switch plunger on the washer lid is broken off. If the lid switch is okay, your next step is to remove the cabinet and jumper the lid switch harness tan to gray. Put the unit in spin and watch the shiny metal clutch disc that is on top of the transmission where the shaft comes out.

If the machine starts and runs in spin, check to see if the disc is spinning.

How to Replace a Direct-Drive Washer Clutch Assembly (Kenmore, Whirlpool and Maytag)

If, on the other hand, the disc is NOT spinning, check for a problem with the motor drive coupler or one of its retainers. BTW, replacing the motor coupler is probably the single most common repair on this washer.

And you can buy the replacement motor coupling here. If all that looks good, then you may need a new gearcase. If the machine tries to agitate and spin at the same time, this is always a bad gearcase. The agitator output shaft is the only thing bolted through the center of the machine. The spin-tube is nested inside of the outer tub. As the motor spins the gear case the basket drive turns the clutch drum, which turns the clutch ring.

The clutch ring applies force to a small cam-lever on the bottom of the spin-tube that releases the spring tension that holds the brake pads against the brake drum. That release allows the torque to then be transferred fully to the top of the spin tube, where the basket attaches. The agitator is made of much weaker plastics and is designed to take the majority of the punishment. When the agitator dogs fail, you replace them and usually a strong wash cycle is restored. These type of top load machines are just not good at handling these items.

One common sign that the agitator needs to be rebuilt is if the bottom part of a dual-action agitator moves properly but the top part just wallows around lazily in the tub.

Kenmore 110.25862400 Washer Clutch Assembly - Genuine OEM

The agitator dog kit is easy to replace. The clutch will usually wear prematurely due to improper loading habits or the agitator clutch dogs being worn.

The agitator clutch makes the top part of the agitator circulate the load and actually helps to balance the load. Running the machine with an unbalanced load causes the tub to oscillate erratically during spin and creates an imbalanced load on the clutch.

A quick eyeball test for the clutch is to lean it back and inspect the area around the gearcase and clutch for oil. If no hammering sound has ever been heard out of this machine, one of the unofficial tests we professional appliantologists will do in the field is called the Hand Test.

WARNING : This test is not sanctioned by Whirlpool Corporation; it involves bypassing safety equipment and then putting your hand on and near rotating machinery which could result in injury, dismemberment, disfigurement, disembowelment, mangling, hideous screaming, and a bloody death.

Proceed at your own risk! Have a nice day. The Eyeball Test is less risky than the Hand Test but requires lots more time and mechanical fiddling. Use a pair of pliers to compress the spring of the clutch ring and remove it from the drum. Inspect the rivet holes that hold the pads to the ring. If these holes are packed with debris, then change the clutch. When a clutch is slipping, as well as any other frictional surface, it will develop a glazed look to it which will reflect light and look glossy, just like a lawnmower belt or washer drive belt that has been slipping.

This can cause for a burnt rubber or plastic smell. This saves lots of time and headache and keeps the water seals intact and undisturbed. The basket is only coupled to the spin-tube through a cast-aluminum drive block. There are two tabs on the top of the spin-tube that interlock with 2 slots molded in the inner circumference of the drive block.

When the drive block nut is tightened, it forces the basket down, which compresses the wedge shaped sides of the drive block into the face of the spin-tube, much like a compression fitting for a copper water line.

kenmore washer clutch

A worn drive block will usually have a pounding soundlike hammering metal, during spin when it first starts. And you can buy the replacement drive block here. You must be logged in to post a comment.The diagram s below can help you find the right part. On this page, you can also find any manuals, installation guides and error code tables associated with this model.

Learn how to use a multimeter to check for wiring problems in an appliance that's not working.

kenmore washer clutch

Kenmore washer repair and replacement parts. Search parts in this model. Click a parts diagram on the left to narrow your scope.

How to replace the clutch assembly in a top-load washer

Displaying parts. Appliance spray paint white. Part Add to cart. Washer siphon break kit. Appliance spray paint gray primer. Washer drain hose coupling kit. Washer terminal connector. Washer drain hose support clip. This item is not returnable. Washer outer tub. This item is currently unavailable for purchase. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Washer siphon break sleeve, 2-pack. Washer screw. Washer cabinet white. Washer gear case oil. Hose clamp. Created with Sketch. Recommended maintenance parts and accessories Recommended maintenance parts and accessories.

Appliance Spray Paint White. Appliance Spray Paint Gray Primer. Whirlpool Appliance Touch-Up Paint, 0. Symptoms common to all washers. Choose a symptom to see related washer repairs. View all.

kenmore washer clutch

Won't drain. Read more. Wrong water temperature. Won't start. Slow or no agitation or spinning. Making noise or vibrating.See a few more easy fixes in this article. If the problem persists, possible causes for a top-load washer are a loose spanner nut on the spin basket, a worn drive block, a bad clutch, a broken shifter assembly, or a damaged spin basket.

If you hear a loud buzzing during the agitation or spin cycle for a direct-drive top-load washer a washer whose lid doesn't lock during the wash cyclebut the washer basket doesn't move, it's likely the motor coupler is broken.


If you have a front load washer, causes of unusual noises include a damaged spin basket, a broken shock absorber and a failed outer tub bearing. If you hear a loud rattling as the drain pump runs in a front-load washer, check for coins or other debris in the drain pump filter.

Our video show how to clean out the filter if your washer doesn't have a drain pump access door at the bottom of the front panel. To avoid noise problems, level the washer. If your washer has a drain pump filter, clean out the filter periodically. The spin basket is the perforated container that holds laundry during the wash cycle. The spin basket is inside the stationary outer tub. If the spanner nut becomes so loose that the spin basket doesn't rotate properly, tightening the spanner nut can often fix the problem.

If the spin basket was damaged while the spanner nut was loose, replace the spin basket. Also replace the spin basket if it's scratched or damaged by an object left in a laundered garment.

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A rusted washer spin basket could leave marks on your garments. This DIY repair guide and video show how to easily replace a rusted or damaged spin basket. The drive block, which attaches to the top of the spin tube, rotates the spin basket when the washer is in spin mode.

If the drive block wears out, the basket wobbles and rattles during the spin mode or won't spin at all. Before replacing the drive block, make sure the spanner nut under the agitator that holds the spin basket against the drive block isn't loose. If the spanner nut is tight and the basket still wobbles, replace the drive block. If your top-load washer's spin basket rattles and wobbles when spinning, or if it won't spin at all, it could mean the drive block is worn.

This repair guide and video explain how to easily replace the drive block.

kenmore washer clutch

The direct-drive washer clutch assembly is mounted above the direct-drive transmission under the outer washer tub.